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In just a few minutes you make your own job profile with our smart technology with indexed suggestions on skills, education, languages etc.

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We process your profile and check that it is complete enough. You can now apply for thousands of jobs in jobreg not needing to fill in your info again.

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If you wish to you can make yourself searchable, so the recruiters can find you based on your background and skills.

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To create a profile is the easiest way to get started. With your profile you can apply for all jobs you find in jobreg, and recruiters can also find you based on your background and skills, without you doing nothing.

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Thousands of jobs

Jobreg has at any given time several thousands jobs available within a number of industries. Here you find both full and part time, as well as temp jobs. You find jobs from both companies, recruitment- and staffing agencies in one place.

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Company profiles

Want to know more about the companies? Many of the leading nordic recruitment and staffing agencies have a profile in Here you can learn more about what they do, and what kind of people they are looking for.


Only real available jobs from leading Nordic companies

Jobreg is a dedicated career portal, and reserved for those companies using the industry-leading tools in recruitment and the handling of applicants, Recruitment Manager. That means you can be assured that all positions you find here is published and cared for by professional recruiters.

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Jobreg is the new, modern job portal with lower prices than the market is used to. Many Norwegian leading recruiting companies have a profile at Jobreg, and publish their available posistions here.

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